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Michael recently had the opportunity to work with the wonderful team at Pacific Studio in Seattle, WA on the Dogs! A Science Tail exhibit, which is currently on display through next January at the California Science Center.  He had a blast working in such a creative environment and sharpening his skills in various forms of lab work and fabrication.  This was a wonderful experience to take part in.  The main projects he worked on involved various fabrication, molding and casting, and experimenting with some new materials as well as old.  He assisted in casting assorted pieces of the dog puzzles, which children could arrange into various dog breeds.  


He also assisted Jason on the ears, which were a part of a diorama that allowed guests to hear what a dog could hear. His main responsibility was Bondo and sanding work to get the ears ready for the paint department.  This was actually a lot of fun because he had done Bondo work on multiple projects in the past so he was able to dive right in on patching and sanding.


The ears were then sent onto the paint and electrical department for finishing touches.
The biggest project he was able to work on was the fabrication of the landscape on the bone digging exhibit.  He had the most fun on this project because it involved tons of foam forming and mild sculpting with epoxy putty.  The human and dog skeletons had already been made and mounted by another department and were sent back to the art department to fill in the remaining area.  He bulked out the initial foam terrain to follow all the contours and then based out the putty to give the landscape its texture.  The exhibit was then finished off and painted by other members of the department.
This was an amazing experience and opportunity and Michael looks forward to working with the crew at Pacific Studio at some point in the future.  Be sure to check out the Dogs! A Science Tail exhibit now on display at the California Science Center and see all the cool things created by the crew at Pacific Studio!
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